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Model Children Choir ElegiaExemplary Children's Choir «Elegy» was originally just a high school choir in Kirovograd children's music school № 3. As such it was before 1999 year. Since filing the choir director Alla Vasilyeva, created a separate children's choir, which got its name «Elegy».

Elegy - is chamber music pensive, sad character. To elegy gravitated individual vocal works and song and romance genre - for example, «Elegy» from the song cycle by Modest Mussorgsky's «Without Sun». Elegy was based on the ideals of life of the ancient Greeks, which was based on the harmony of the world, proportionality and balance of being incomplete without sadness and contemplation, these categories and moved into the modern elegy.

Since year 1999, Alla Vasilyeva together with concertmaster Natalia Aliyeva became recruit gifted children in this choir. Set of rehearsals and hard work the whole team chorus after a while, finally bore fruit. In 2005, the choir «Elegy» in Ukrainian competition of choirs «Golden Orpheus» won the Grand Prix.

To date, Exemplary Children's Choir «Elegy», speaking in his native Kirovograd and throughout Ukraine.  Annually Exemplary Children's Choir «Elegy» travels to various countries to international festivals, choral contests of skill where year already took first place and received various awards. More detail on the achievements of the Model Children Choir «Elegy», you can read here.

Over time, the chorus «Elegy» had its own logo, and eventually got its own official website. The official website of the Model Children Choir «Elegy», you can listen to songs by the choir «Elegy», view videos from the concerts with the choir «Elegy», read the news, view photos, read information about the choir «Elegy». Also, using the feedback form, you can write a letter to the administration Choir «Elegy». If you want to leave any feedback about the exemplary children's Choir «Elegy», you can do it here. Our staff welcomes you to see our performances. Announcements of appearances and concerts can be found here.

Team Exemplary Children Choir «Elegy» , always happy to admit the new member. In order to join our team, bring children to audition for the children's music school № 3, if there is such a desire.

Children's music school № 3, located at Kirovograd, st. Academician Korolyov 3

phone: +380 (522) 33 13 59


Collective chorus of «Elegy»

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